Rel version 1.0.8 Beta now available

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Rel version 1.0.8 Beta now available

Post by Dave » Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:22 pm

This version of Rel -- an implementation of Date & Darwen's "Tutorial D" database language -- is a maintenance release featuring one enhancement and two bug fixes:

1. Enhancement: Rel: Error reporting has been improved when Java-based
built-in operators fail. E.g., SUBSTRING("blah", 1, 20) used to fail
in an un-helpful manner. Now, the error message goes some way toward
explaining and locating the problem.

2. Fix: Rel: The following failed with a low-level error; now fixed:

Code: Select all

var items private relation { id  integer, name  character } init (
     relation {
      tuple {id 1, name "hi"},
      tuple {id 2, name "lo"},
      tuple {id 3, name "do"}}) key {id};
    var result private relation {r relation same_heading_as(items)} key {r};
    var inner private relation same_heading_as(items) key {id};
    insert inner relation {tuple from items where id = 1};
    insert result relation {tuple {r inner}};
3. Fix: Rel: Updating a relation-valued attribute, as in the following...

Code: Select all

  var x private relation {a integer, b relation {c integer}}
         init (relation {tuple {a 1, b relation {tuple {c 2}}}})
         key {a};
    update x where a = 1 (b := update (b) (c := 33));
...caused an error like the following:
"ERROR: '%tuple23' has not been defined."
This has been corrected.

For more information, or to download Rel, see

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