Rel version 3.005 now available!

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Rel version 3.005 now available!

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This is a minor maintenance release of Rel, an implementation of Date & Darwen's Tutorial D database language. It makes some improvements to the Rel user interface, adds some system relvars, and fixes two bugs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once opened with this or later versions of Rel, databases cannot be read by earlier versions.

The following enhancements have been made:

- The Rel user interface's REAL relvar design view has been aesthetically improved -- the command-line display can be hidden or revealed by clicking a button.

- The Rel user interface's REAL relvar design view now prompts the user if an attempt is made to close a tab without first applying pending changes.

- The Rel user interface now provides user-friendly support for creating external relvars via dialog boxes.

- The Rel DBMS provides a sys.ExternalRelvarTypes relvar that documents the available external relvar types.

- The Rel DBMS provides a sys.Keywords relvar that lists all keywords in the Rel / Tutorial D language grammar.

The following bugs have been fixed:

- Case #135: Rel UI: Special characters now work correctly under Windows.

- Case #136: Rel UI: The command-line entry panel is now always in focus after executing code.

For more information or to download Rel, go to
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