Rel version 1.0.6 Beta now available

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Rel version 1.0.6 Beta now available

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This version of Rel -- an implementation of Date & Darwen's "Tutorial D" database language -- is a minor release featuring two enhancements:

1. Previously, aggregate operator invocations like the following...

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SUM(sys.Catalog, CreationSequence)
...could only reference an attribute. The following would not work:

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SUM(sys.Catalog, CreationSequence + 1)
In this release, aggregate operator invocations may specify an expression. Both of the above expressions will now work.

This change is in accordance with the Tutorial D specification found in Date & Darwen's "Database Explorations - Essays on the Third Manifesto and Related Topics".

2. Short synonyms are now available for some common keywords. RELATION may be specified as REL, TUPLE as TUP, INTEGER as INT, RATIONAL as RAT, and BOOLEAN as BOOL. This is also in accordance with "Database Explorations ..."

Note that DEE and DUM have always been available as synonyms for TABLE_DEE and TABLE_DUM, respectively.

For more information, or to download Rel, see
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