Rel version 1.0.12 Beta now available!

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Rel version 1.0.12 Beta now available!

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This is a maintenance release featuring some enhancements and bug fixes.

* Enhancement: Rel: Updated storage engine to Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition version 6.2.7.

* Enhancement: Rel: Database resilience after power failures or system crashes has been considerably improved. In the majority of power failures or system crashes, it should be possible to load Rel and resume use without errors or data loss.

* Fix: Rel: Updates to relation-valued parameters, which created side-effects, have been disallowed.

* Fix: Rel: TREAT_AS_type() and IS_type() did not work correctly with static inheritance. This has been corrected.

* Fix: Rel: The following caused Rel crashes due to a "hash error" on Temperature_NoReading(), etc. This has been corrected.

Code: Select all

           TYPE Temperature UNION; 
           TYPE Temperature_Normal IS {Temperature POSSREP {t INTEGER}}; 
           TYPE Temperature_NoReading IS {Temperature POSSREP {}}; 
           TYPE Temperature_OutOfRange IS {Temperature POSSREP {}}; 
           VAR Readings REAL RELATION {timestamp INTEGER, temp Temperature} KEY {timestamp}; 
           INSERT Readings REL { 
            TUP {timestamp 12938, temp Temperature_Normal(33)}, 
              TUP {timestamp 12940, temp Temperature_Normal(33)}, 
              TUP {timestamp 12943, temp Temperature_Normal(34)}, 
              TUP {timestamp 12948, temp Temperature_NoReading()}, 
              TUP {timestamp 12955, temp Temperature_OutOfRange()} 
* Fix: Rel: Some CONSTRAINT failures displayed an un-helpful "Transaction is not active" error message instead of identifying the failing constraint. This has been corrected.

For more information, or to download Rel, see
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