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Download and Installation


1. If you are upgrading from an older version of Rel, you *MUST* back up your database *BEFORE* you install an upgrade! Run the DatabaseToScript.d script in the Samples directory. This script will emit your database as a new Tutorial D script. To back up your database, save the generated script. To restore your database, run the saved script.

NOTE: If you are using a version prior to Version 0.0.2, you *can't* make a back-up, except manually. Sorry!

2. NOTE: Rel now requires Java 5 (also known as Java 1.5.x) or higher. The Sun Microsystems implementation is available at

3. Once you have made a back-up, you must delete the current database. Delete all the "*.jdb" files.

4. Install the upgrade. (See the Installation instructions below.) A new database will be created when the Rel server (or DBrowser) is run.

5. To restore your database, run the script you created and saved in Step 1, above.

*** Installation ***

1. If you have not already done so, install a Java 5 (also known as 1.5.x) or higher platform on your system.

Which platform you choose depends on how you wish to use Rel.

* If you wish to define new Java TYPEs or OPERATORs within Rel, you need a Java 5 or higher SDK. The Sun Microsystems Java SDK is available at

Rel will use the javac compiler included with the Java SDK or it can use the jikes Java compiler from IBM. One of these must be installed in order to define Java TYPEs or OPERATORs. If both are installed, jikes will be used.

* If you do not wish to define new Java TYPEs or OPERATORs within Rel, a Java 5 or higher runtime (JRE) is sufficient. Java runtime installations are available at

* Depending on the operating system you use, you may need to configure your system PATH (or equivalent) in order to recognise Java from any directory or folder. Unfortunately, instructions for doing this are beyond the scope of this document.

2. Download the Rel installation .jar file from SourceForge at ... _id=124252

3. Execute the .jar file. On most platforms, you should merely have to click on the .jar file to run it. If your platform does not support this, type the following at the command line:

java -jar RelInstall-x.x.xx.jar

4. Follow the instructions provided in the installer. Unfortunately, at this time the installer does not create shortcuts or desktop or "Start" menu items, so you will have to invoke the programs from the installation directory and/or create your own shortcuts.

5. To get started, go to the installation directory and execute DBrowser.jar, either by clicking on DBrowser.jar (all OSs that support one-click invocation of Java programs), DBrowser.bat (Windows), DBrowser (UNIX or UNIX-like operating systems), or by typing the following at the command line:

java -jar DBrowser.jar
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