Rel version 1.0.9 Beta now available

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Rel version 1.0.9 Beta now available

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This version of Rel -- an implementation of Date & Darwen's Tutorial D database language -- is a maintenance release featuring various enhancements and bug fixes:

* Fix: Unicode support is now explicitly provided in Rel, DBrowser, and the RelClient middleware. This should reduce the likelihood of errors or incorrect character translations when inputting unicode characters.

* Fix: Rel: A problem emitting escaped characters (special characters prefixed with a backslash, e.g., '\t') has been corrected, so that (for example) repeatedly backed up and restored Rel databases will no longer exhibit a harmless but awkward repetition of backslashes in certain string values. E.g., names like "O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Neil"should no longer occur.

* Fix: Rel: Replaced reference to "ca.mb.armchair.rel3.values.ValueChar" with "ca.mb.armchair.rel3.values.ValueCharacter" in This fixes problems creating new Java-based types which define methods/operators that use CHAR parameters.

* Enhancement/Fix: RelTest: Test suite has been redesigned to support execution of tests in random order.

* Enhancement/Fix: Rel: Updated to version 5.0.34 of Berkeley Java DB. As a side-effect of implementing this, occasional database corruptions leading to crashes -- typically referring to duplicate btree keys and the like -- should no longer occur.

* Enhancement: Rel: Temporary internal buffering of relations now dynamically switches from in-memory to disk-based storage based on cardinality. This will improve performance on low-cardinality queries whilst supporting very high cardinality queries.

* Enhancement: Rel: Implemented mechanism to ensure expected version of Berkeley Java DB is installed. This eliminates possible errors due to running an incompatible version of the Berkeley Java DB.

* Enhancement: Scripts: TypeDate.d now implement THE_readable, which obtains a human-friendly date.

* Enhancement: Rel: Improved speed of compiling Java-based types and operators.

* Enhancement: DBrowser: Crashes will now automatically open a dialog box to allow the user to send an error report to the developers.

For more information, or to download Rel, see
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