Rel version 1.0.10 Beta now available

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Rel version 1.0.10 Beta now available

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This version of Rel -- an implementation of Date & Darwen's Tutorial D database language -- is a significant release, as it implements the latest Tutorial D syntax from Date and Darwen's book "Database Explorations: Essays on The Third Manifesto and related topics" (ISBN 978-1426937231)

Prior to installing this version of Rel, you must make a backup of your database(s). Then, install this update and load and attempt to
execute your backup script(s). If your script successfully loads, you're done. If Rel complains of syntax errors, you'll need to edit
the backup script — based on the "Rel Version 1.0.10+ Syntax" article at — until the script successfully

Changes in this update:

- Fix: Rel: Revised execution order of statements in multiple assignment to prevent counterintuitive behaviour. Assignments now execute from first to last.

- Fix: Rel: Passing a non-boolean to the WHERE clause of an UPDATE would result in a crash. Fixed.

- Enhancement: Rel: Added partial support for anonymous operators. This is a work-in-progress documented at ... orialD.pdf

- Enhancement: Rel: Updated to version 5.0.58 of Berkeley Java DB, which is used as the storage engine.

- Enhancement: Rel: Various changes to support Tutorial D syntax from Database Explorations:

old: EXTEND r ADD (p AS q, a AS b)
new: EXTEND r : {q := p, b := a}
old: UPDATE r (p := q, b := a)
new: UPDATE r : {p := q, b := a}
old: r RENAME (a AS b)
new: r RENAME {a AS b}
old: SUMMARIZE p ADD (SUM(x) AS y)
new: SUMMARIZE p : {y := SUM(x))
old: WITH a AS b, x AS y : ...
new: WITH (b := a, y := x) : ...
old: r WRAP ({a, b} AS c, {d, e} AS f)
new (r WRAP ({a, b} AS c)) WRAP ({d, e} AS f)
old: r UNWRAP (a, b)
new: (r UNWRAP (a)) UNWRAP (b)
old: r GROUP ({a, b} AS c, {d, e} AS f)
new (r GROUP ({a, b} AS c)) GROUP ({d, e} AS f)
old: r UNGROUP (a, b)
new: (r UNGROUP (a)) UNGROUP (b)
Removed ANY and ALL synonyms for OR and AND.
Implemented n-adic COMPOSE.
D_INSERT and updated INSERT to silently
ignore duplicate tuples.

- Fix: Rel tests: revised TestDelete0 and TestRelvar26 to eliminate order-dependent testing.

- Enhancement: Rel: POSSREP keyword ORDERED now recognised in addition to ORDINAL, but is a no-op.

- Enhancement: Rel: Improved shutdown procedure is less likely to result in a corrupt database if there are problems encountered during shutdown.

- Enhancement: Scripts: DatabaseToScript.d, Views.d changed to accommodate support for Database Explorations syntax.

- Enhancement: DBrowser: Splash screen disappears as soon as Ok appears.

- Enhancement: DBrowser: Error messages that specify line and column now cause the cursor to move to the position of the error in the source.

For more information, or to download Rel, see
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