The Desktop Relational Database Management System

What is Rel?

Rel is software for creating and managing databases.
Discover the power of the true relational model.

Rel is a free, open-source, cross-platform, true relational database management system with an advanced query language called Tutorial D.

Tutorial D was designed by noted database researchers and authors C J Date and Hugh Darwen.

What's it for?

Rel is ideal for managing personal databases.

Rel is ideal for teaching relational database fundamentals.

Rel is great for exploring Tutorial D, the language used in popular database texts like C J Date's "An Introduction to Database Systems" and Date & Darwen's "The Third Manifesto" series.

Rel can read and export CSV files, XLS/XLSX spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases, and JDBC SQL database sources. Rel exports to CSV files and XLS/XLSX spreadsheets. This makes it ideal for desktop data crunching.

Rel is cross-platform. It runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Databases created on one operating system can be shared with users on another.

Rel is a zero-install application. It can run from any folder or directory, or a USB drive.

Rel source code is great for experimenting with and/or exploring interpreter and database engine internals.

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