Rel version 3.016 now available!

This release of Rel, an implementation of Date & Darwen’s Tutorial D database language, fixes a bug that prevented the Rel DBMS ‘BACKUP’ command working and thus prevented correct operation of DBrowser’s backup facility, and changes the schema of the sys.Version relvar.

  • Fix: Reorganisation of the Rel build infrastructure inadvertently made the internal backup script inaccessible. This has been corrected, so backups — whether via DBrowser or BACKUP command — should now work.
  • Enhancement: The format of the sys.Version relvar has been simplified to remove the multiple version attributes and replace them with two attributes: db_version for the database format, and product_version for the release version.
  • Enhancement: Spelling changed from ‘updateable’ to ‘updatable’ in error messages where it appears, to be consistent with typical use.

For more information, or to download Rel, go to

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