8th January 2019

About us

Dave Voorhis

This Web site and Rel are maintained by Dave Voorhis.

After graduating in 1986 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Brandon University, Dave Voorhis became a founding partner in a small Canadian software development firm, where he developed specialised database engines in C and C++ to support bespoke business application development. Since 2003, he has been a senior lecturer in Computing at the University of Derby, and is currently programme leader for the university’s BSc. (Hons) Computer Science programme.

Dave has continuously developed and refined Rel since its first release in 2004. Dave is also an avid motorcyclist, amateur photographer and musician, and collector of vintage Tektronix oscilloscopes.

Rel would not have been possible without the valuable contributions of various others, including:

Hugh Darwen and Chris Date for The Third Manifesto and Tutorial D. Special thanks to Hugh Darwen for extensive reviews of Rel and helpful comments and encouragement.

Bresnahan, Mike

  • Comments, suggestions, and testing
  • DBrowser font selection and menu

Coulton, Ian

  • Type implementation work with Dave Voorhis

Darwen, Hugh

  • Extensive testing

Felix-Leite-Praca, Andre

  • External relvars

FitzSimons, Bob

  • Rel source code examples for Rel2
  • Extensive testing of Rel2

Glasu, Laura

  • Rev enhancements

Record, James

  • Rev enhancements

…and all the participants of the TTM Forum at http://forum.thethirdmanifesto.com