Rel version 3.013 now available!

This release of Rel, an implementation of Date & Darwen’s Tutorial D database language, improves the user interface, fixes some bugs, adds support for outer joins, and significantly reduces the size of the Rel distribution whilst improving startup speed.

The following enhancements have been made:

– The Rel user interface (known as DBrowser) provides same familiar interface but now has significantly fewer Eclipse framework dependencies. The result is a smaller distribution and improved start-up time.

– DBrowser: Export option dropped from relvar edit grids, as there are other, better facilities for exporting to Excel available on right-click menus, etc.

– DBrowser: Under Preferences, moved alternate output display option to Display tab.

– DBrowser: Improved handling of icon resizing via Preferences. On MacOS, all icon sizes change without needing to restart.

– DBrowser: Preferences data is no longer stored in Rel application directory; now stored in user’s home directory. This allows keeping preferences across Rel updates.

– DBrowser now supports “remote only” mode where only connections to remote databases are possible. To enable, delete rel0*.jar (e.g. rel0000.jar), RelDBMS.jar, and RelTest.jar from lib/rel.

– DBrowser ‘+’ tab now provides list of recently-used databases and means to delete entries. As a result, management entries removed from main menu.

– DBrowser: Tweaks to display of RVAs to improve readability.

– DBrowser: Now provides option to create and restore a database from a backup as a unified operation.

– Client library: Decoupled Server/ServerV0000 from Client to permit use of relclient.jar on its own (plus relshared.jar) to facilitate developing purely remote clients.

– Rel: Added p LEFT JOIN q which returns 
TUPLE {Matched p JOIN q, Missing p NOT MATCHING q}

– Rel: Added p RIGHT JOIN q which returns 
TUPLE {Matched p JOIN q, Missing q NOT MATCHING p}

– Rel: Added p FULL JOIN q which returns
  Matched p JOIN q, 
  MissingLeft p NOT MATCHING q, 
  MissingRight q NOT MATCHING p

– Build: Module jars now generated via Ant build files; product build scripts now generate all jars.

The following bugs have been fixed:

– DBrowser: The ‘comment’ visualiser in Rev now handles carriage return correctly on all platforms.

– DBrowser: Saving a script with escape chars, e.g., \\blah, loaded as \blah. Fixed.

– DBrowser: Resizing the Rel window whilst in relvar Edit mode caused odd problems, such as the content not re-sizing, scrollbars disappearing, etc. Fixed.

– DBrowser: Graphical editing of RVA value did not work due to failure to launch RVA editor. Fixed.

– DBrowser/Client: Fixed TUPLE of RVA display problems.

– Rel: parallel RENAME now supported. E.g., 
TUPLE {x 10, y 20, z 30} RENAME {x AS y, y AS x} works.
Case #203 fixed.

– Rel: This threw a fatal error:

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