Rel version 3.012 now available!

This release of Rel, an implementation of Date & Darwen’s Tutorial D database language, improves the user interface and fixes some bugs.

The following enhancements have been made:

Rel DBMS: Now provides -q command-line option to disable startup/shutdown information messages. This is intended to make it easier to implement standalone scripts that produce console output for later redirection.

Rel UI: Tabular displays of views, relvars, or expression evaluation results (in Rev visual query editor) now provide mechanism to search and sort the results.

– Rev visual query editor: Advanced search available in Restrict (WHERE) operator.

– Rev visual query editor: A Comment node has been provided, to add commentary to a visual query.

Rel DBMS: new built-in operator SEARCH(t TUPLE{*}, regex CHAR) RETURNS BOOLEAN, which returns true if any CAST_AS_CHAR(a), where a is an attribute of t, matches regex. This permits general text search of tuples, e.g., S WHERE SEARCH(TUP {*}, “.*3.*”) returns any tuple in S with a ‘3’ in some attribute value.

The following bugs have been fixed:

Rel UI: In the command-line interface, attempting to execute a statement like WRITELN “blah//”; — or other statement with a string with an embedded comment character sequence — caused syntax error, because // was treated as an expression ending in a comment rather than a statement. Fixed.

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