Rel version 3.001 is now available!

This is a minor maintenance release of Rel, an implementation of Date & Darwen’s Tutorial D database language.

The following enhancements have been made:

– A startup progress bar displays whilst the Rel user interface is loading. On slow machines, this makes it clear that loading is progressing and not stuck.

– More detailed crash reporting has been implemented, to help the development team find and fix bugs.

– An ATTRIBUTES_OF(r) pseudo-operator has been provided. It may be used anywhere a comma-separated list of attributes can appear. E.g., WITH (t := TUPLE {STATUS 20}): (S JOIN RELATION {t}) {ATTRIBUTES_OF(t)} or WITH (t := TUPLE {STATUS 20}): (S JOIN RELATION {t}) {ALL BUT ATTRIBUTES_OF(t)}

The following bugs have been fixed:

– In the Rel user interface, a crash occurred in Windows when showing row/tuple delete confirmation. This has been fixed.

– Case #94: org.reldb.rel.v0.languages.tutoriald.parser.TokenMgrError should have been ExceptionSemantic, not ExceptionFatal.

– Case #113 – #118: A crash in the Rel UI when editing a relvar with no attributes has been fixed.

– Case ID #119: VAR test BASE RELATION {x INTEGER, y INTEGER} INIT (TUPLE {x 10, y 20}) KEY {}; threw a fatal exception that should have been a semantic exception. This has been fixed.

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